Terence Lam

Positive Psychology Specialist
Sport Mental Coaching Trainer

“Smile is the positive energy every day, happiness is the motivation for a lifetime.”

Positive Psychology Coach & Trainer

Many people think that it is necessary to be positive, and to maintain a positive state at all times, and there must be no negative thoughts, behaviours or emotions. As soon as negative emotions appear, they scold others for illness or problems. In fact, this is not the content of positive psychology.

Hi everyone, my name is Terence Lam, and I am a Positive and Sports Mental Trainer. People always feels unrealistic in Positive psychology. It keeps saying that it should be positive and ignores others including negative side. Usually, Misunderstanding content will be shared in the first lesson of Positive Psychology that is important.

Traditional Psychology: It mainly focuses on the “Problem” of people, so a series of words such as treatment, counselling, emotional illness, or mental illness will be used to describe.  Moreover, the research shows that the process will help people to deal with psychological issue to get back the psychological state to normal stage.

Positive Psychology: It mainly focuses on prevention, which is to study the growth and development of human being in psychological state.  And research shows that positive psychology approach can assist people to improve wellbeing by boosting their character strengths.  Moreover, it can also assist to improve happiness in people life and the quality of life in their ways.

When dealing with people’s emotions, the direction of positive psychology is not to eliminate negative aspects, but to accept negative existence and develop positive attitudes and abilities at the same time. Like Tai Chi, there are both yin and yang. It is a fusion of positive and negative mutual assistance.

In Positive Psychology, there are many concepts or theories.  My major focus is the following areas of positive psychology which will be presented in workshop, courses or activities forms:

  • Happiness
  • Resilience
  • Character Strengths
  • Mindfulness

My goal of working in Positive Psychology area which is to develop “Creating a Happy Life” so that people can create their own “Positive Life” in any diversity.

Sports Mental Coach and Trainer

Sports Mental Coaching mainly is for sports enthusiasts to deal with the followings:

-Improve sport performance

-Improve behavioral and mental health

In addition to the sports itself, sports mental coaching techniques can improve or enhance the following items in non-sport areas:

  • Increase motivation
  • Increase resilience
  • Improve attention (Flow)
  • Develop the habit of exercising

The sports mental coaching and positive psychology are closely related, but the service objects are somewhat different. Whether it is sports or positive psychology, my goal is to help people to improve their behavioral and mental health.



My Training Experience

Workshops or courses offered: Exploring What Matter (Action for happiness) • Creating Happier Life • Positive psychological enhancement of learning motivation • Mindfulness in Motion • Mindfulness in Brain • Personality Dimension for Self Exploring • New experience of SIX-V in Character Strengths • Satir Model in Communication Skill • Hypnotherapy certificate course • Comprehensive Time Line Therapy Certificate Course • Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy Project


Academic and professional qualifications

Academic and professional qualifications: Master of Social Sciences in Behavioral Health • Bachelor of Science in Psychology • Mindfulness Practitioner • Registered Hypnotherapy Trainer • NLP Trainer • Advanced Time Line Therapy trainer


Some of my served clients

• Lingnan University School of Continuing Education • ADEC Mood Disorder Integrated Center • Hong Kong Women's Federation
• The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society • The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers • Kindergartens • YMCA • Potential Engine